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book cover When Sean Loves Rusty by Chris Cox


Miscellaneous Thoughts of a Bookaholic review: ‘Well I think I found my new favorite M/M Author! Chris Cox the Bayou Boys series is amazing! ’5 stars!

Battery Operated Book BLog review: ‘WOW! I loved this story! So heartwarming and romantic. Truly a wonderful story! Best friends, lovers, family….Rusty & Sean make one heck of a wonderful story!’5 stars!

United Indie Book Blog review: ”Chris Cox did an amazing job writing this wonderful love story! While reading I could feel what both Sean and Rusty were feeling and it made me fall in love with both of them.” 5 stars!

Mrs. Condit Reads Books Review : ‘I loved watching both Sean and Rusty grow through these stories.’  4 Sweet peas

Foxylutely Book Review: ‘This story just touched my heart from beginning to end and I didn’t want to leave Rusty and Sean. ‘ 5 stars

Multitasking Momma review: ‘The struggles these two young men face was written lightly, beautifully and so lovingly by author Chris Cox….This one hit me on a personal level.’ 5 stars


Prism Book Alliance review: ‘Cox captures the hopefulness and anxiety of youth as Sean and Rusty clasp hands and jump from the comfort and security of New Orleans and move to Boston…. I recommend When Sean Loves Rusty to anyone who enjoys an authentic romance between two lovely and committed young men. I think you’ll become a fan of these Bayou Boys as well!’ 4.25 stars

First Class Books review:  ’story flowed beautifully…I give it 5 stars’

Paranormal Romance And Authors That Rock review : ‘Anyone who loves romance is going to love this. It has just the right amount of sex in it too! I have to give this one 5 fangs.’

Lustful Literature review:  ’I could feel their love, their hardships, their devotion and their growth.  I believed in their journey.’

Book Junky Girls review: ‘This is a story about acceptance, about being ok with who you are and not allowing others opinions to affect you.’

MM Good Book Reviews: ‘I recommend this to those who love seeing love deepen and grow, who love watching relationships develop’

Jill Prand  reviews:  ’And the love these two have for each other shines through each test.’

Jennifer’s Taking a Break reviews: ‘ Please go grab this amazing read.’

Rainbow Gold Reviews: ‘You feel empathy for them and eagerly hope that they get a happy ending. They deserve it.’

Man2ManTastic: ’I give this series 4 emotional stars’

Biblio Belles Book Blog ’If you are looking for a heartfelt M/M story about love and sacrifice, I suggest When Sean Loves Rusty.’

BJ’s Book Blog  review:  When Sean Loves Rusty tells their story and allows the reader to get to know them both as young boys and as the men they are today.
And you will fall in love with them both.
P.S. Okay, I can’t think of any way to work this into a sentence, so: Your scavenger hunt clue for today is ‘T.Strange.”

Four Questions and a Giveaway

My good friend and awesome author, Joanna Grace answered these questions on her blog, than passed them on to me. Click on her link and see how her answers are different than mine.

What Am I Working On?

J.CREWING Men's #fashion Dress shirt

inspiration for Kevin Parker in Faire Play

Rare for me, I’m working on two very different gay romance stories simultaneously.

Each year, a group I belong to, MMRomance group, has a writing challenge. The challenge comes from other MMRomance group members who provide an inspirational pic and a letter to the author with their story request. I’m calling this story Faire Play.

Because my photo prompt is NSFW (not safe for work!), here’s the link to my pinterest board that has both the pic  and the letter. Posted is an inspirational photo for MC#2, Kevin Parker.  Kevin is a little blonder than this, in my head.  More like a cross between this photo and the OTHER NSFW photo  which is also on my pinterest board.  Want to read a snippet  from the work in progress?

“Let me get this straight.” Brendan ignored his boss’s smirk. “You want me to go undercover on the Renaissance Faire circuit to drag home an adult who is fully capable of making his own decisions so he can be included in the f[rea]king family portrait?”

“That about sums it up.” Harold Stinson leaned back, propping his clasped hands across his taut stomach and stared Brendan down.

“Why me?”

“Because you’re his type.”

This will be a freebie, posted by the MMRomance group sometimes this summer.  I’ll be sure to post a link in my newsletter when it goes live. (PS This story is a hint about a future series.)

Inspiration for new story

Inspiration for Clint in Down To The Studs

And for the Bayou Boys series, I’m working on Levi and Clint’s story, Down  To The  Studs.


“Come on, Levi, you won fair and square.”

Levi Graham took his eyes off the stop and go traffic on Magazine Street only long enough to give his sister a cutting glance. “I didn’t even sign up. You did it for me.”

“Because you need it.” Nikki shifted under her seatbelt. She had plenty of room since she was so small and his truck seat was so big.

He was the giant of the family. Almost six foot when his next closest brother was at least four inches shorter than him.

Not that he was that big, but he’d felt that way since he hit puberty. But then, he’d felt different in a lot of ways since puberty.

Down To The Studs will be released mid-summer–(I hope. Gotta get it finished first!)

rodrigo guirao diaz--inspiration for LeviHow does my work differ from others in my genre?

This is NOT my favorite question.  Can you see me shrug and whine, ‘I don’t know?”  {deep breath} Every writer as a unique voice, a different level of intimacy, different messages to convey.

My voice is colloquial, yet full of symbolism, sometimes, on purpose and sometimes accidentally.  I have a huge crush on Carl Jung and his brilliant analytic psychology which is rife with symbolism that taps into the unconscious.

No matter what I write, even when I try to write fun and fluffy, my story people have a lot going on underneath the surface.  To tell you the truth, that’s why I write.  I love to explore human behavior. (See above paragraph.)

And my message, my theme, seems to come out in everything I write.  I don’t do it on purpose.  Maybe someday, I’ll even be able to write with a different theme—I’ve tried, just for an academic exercise, but nope, my stories are geared to the same theme, the same message.  It’s the theme I’m trying to learn, to perfect, to hold sacred unto myself: To thine own self be true.   So, it’s not such a bad theme to be stuck with, huh?  Especially because every time a write a new story, a new character, I end up embracing my theme a little bit harder.

Why Do I Write What I Write?

I’m going to gloss over this one—because the full answer is a deep and personal reason  that needs its own blog post. (Check back May 17-24 for the soul-naked post I’m posting for the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia blog hop.

So, here’s the fuzzy answer that skims along the surface.  I like writing about the most complex relationship on earth, the one that we’re not born into but the one we choose.  What makes a person chose another person out of all the possibilities in the world?  What makes them work hard to make that relationship strong and solid?  When you think about it, it’s really not logical, is it, to put your trust in a dedicated relationship?  Why trust at all?  Or why not spread that trust around so if one person fails you, there’s always someone else? Being mathematical minded, the odds are so against an exclusive relationship, what makes us fight those odds—and win? (At least in my stories, we always win.)

Yes, there’s more to this reply.  Much more. Come back in May for the bigger answer.

How does my writing process work?

That one’s easy.  I just  sit down, put my fingers on the keyboard and daydream while I type.

I’m an engineer, trained in processes and flow charts and plans.  But the moment I try to use that training to plot, or to do character sketches or make time lines any other efficient technique a lot of writers use, the story goes flat.  I lose interest. And my story people lose their souls.

My muse is rather fickle that way.

See, on a good writing day, and I have many good writing days, I feel like I’m taking dictation while my story people play out the words they want me to write  down. Notice, I never say ‘characters.’ They don’t like  that.  It makes them feel unreal, cardboard, unloved.

And if I want to sum up the process of converting my unconscious storytelling thoughts into words strung together to make a novel by calling it my muse, I don’t think Jung would mind too much.

Next  Up on this blog hop is Vastine Bondurant and William Cooper.  If you want to win Vastine’s newest novel, Glory Lands and William’s newest, For His Love,  enter the rafflecopter contest.

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Review: Into Deep Waters

Into Deep Waters
Into Deep Waters by Kaje Harper

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve read a few stories by Kaje Harper, none of them cooking cutter. The one thing that does stay consistent is her brilliant writing skills. She adds the perfect details to her story to let me know her characters, know their world and their thoughts and, best of all, their emotions.

In this FREE story, Into Deep Waters, I am transported back to WWII, back to a time of fear and patriotism. Back to a time when loving another man could get you killed as fast as an enemies’ torpedo blast. Yet, in this story, I learn of a love that is too big to deny.
This isn’t an over-the-top melodrama about love conquering over all difficulties. Instead, it’s a beautifully honest story about two men who endure the hardships both the war and the world impose on them, and triumph because they love.

This story will stay with me for a very long time. One of the great ones.

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